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U2’s Bono and the CIA; The Dangers of Celebrity Activists By Thomas Mountain

ActivismU2’s Bono and the CIA; The Dangers of Celebrity Activists By Thomas Mountain

Bono Wants To Save The World: But He Needs Your Money To Do It


U2’s Bono picked a Capo Grande from the US intelligence community to
run his “One” NGO, choosing Gayle Smith, who as Senior Director of the
US National Security Council and Special Advisor to President Barack
Obama used to tell the CIA what to do, especially when it came to
Ms. Smith, also known as “Obama’s Quiet Consigliere”, is infamous for
her heart felt eulogy based on over 30 years of friendship at the
funeral for Meles Zenawi, today Ethiopia’s “No.1 Most Hated Person”.
Previously head of USAID, known in Cuba as USCIA, Ms. Smith got
her start putting time in on the front lines for the agency fresh out of
college spending years as a “journalist” (clergy and journalists are
two of the CIA’s favorite covers) in the Horn of Africa of all places.
After years of paying her dues “where diarrhea is a way of life” she
became a favorite of Madeline Albright and was awarded the Chief of
Staff position at USAID in 1994 only three years after ending her
journalism career. Think about it, “Award Winning Journalist” to day
to day control of some 10,000 employees and Billion$ to spend in only
3 years? USAID or USCIA?
Bono, who recently found himself forced to apologize after his “One”
staff in South Africa sued them for sexual harassment, makes sure
those that labor for his good causes are well compensated, at least at
the top, with Ms. Smith pulling down close to $500,000 a year.
Speaking of ethics: Bono’s name turned up in the Panama Papers, hey,
the guy hates taxes, who doesn’t…?
Of course for NGO’s fighting the good fight fat salaries and juicy
perks are S.O.P. with “overhead” accounting for 50% or more of
Gayle Smith has put the CIA and a pretty impressive list of NGO’s on
the same page and was the person most responsible for founding the
Center for American Progress, whose boss, John Podesta chaired the
Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign. Then there is the Enough Project as in
“Enough of the CIA’s Enough Project in Africa” and it’s mouthpiece,
George Clooney, founded by Ms. Smith and infamous for occasionally
emitting brays of outrage regarding some crime in Africa, often times
over matters long past. Does the name John Prendergast ring a bell?
Ms. Smith proved her value to the Clinton Mafia as head of the
Africa desk at the National Security Council in 1998-2000 under Tony
Lake, Clinton’s National Security Adviser, when the Ethiopian gangster
government under Meles Zenawi invaded Eritrea, a crime today’s
Ethiopian P.M. has apologized for. Close to 150,000 dead and 40% of
Eritreans refugees, Gayle Smith and Tony Lake were out to get newly
independent Eritrea on it knees where it belonged and tried to use
Ethiopia to do its dirty work. And when war didn’t work, bring on UN
Security Council sanctions against Eritrea in 2009 when Ms. Smith
returned to the White House as Barry O’bomber’s right hand and saw
that Susan Rice was turned loose at the UN to threaten and cajole
enough votes at the UN Security Council.
The history of most of the crimes directed by Gayle Smith remain
buried deep in the bowels of the US intel community, with yet unknown
acts of sabotage and destabilization committed by “humanitarians”
working for the USAID in politically troubled spots on the planet.
One thing is for sure, that when Celebrity Activists like Bono and
George Clooney get involved in the 3rd World, those supposedly
benefiting by their charity had better watch out for celebrity wolves
dressed in sheep’s clothing.

(*) Thomas C. Mountain is an independent journalist in Eritrea, living and
reporting from here since 2006. See thomascmountain on Facebook or
best reach him at thomascmountain at g mail dot com

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