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The Lasalin Massacre and the Human Rights Crisis in HAITI By Judith Mirkinson, National lawyers Guild & Seth Donnelly, Haiti Action Committee

National Lawyers Guild releases the report, The Lasalin Massacre and the Human Rights Crisis in Haiti. NLG SF/Bay Area president and NLG International Committee member Judith Mirkinson participated in the April fact-finding trip to Haiti on the Lasalin Massacre. The report, written by Mirkinson and Seth Donnelly of Haiti Action Committee, documents their findings.
“The Lasalin massacre was designed to punish and destroy a neighborhood long known as a stronghold of the grassroots Lavalas movement and center of opposition. Our investigation determined that the narrative of ‘gang warfare’ obscures the reality that the attack on Lasalin was government-orchestrated and supported, with police collaborating with and weaponizing criminal elements […] The evidence of government and paramilitary collusion is clear.”
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