In the city of Borlänge, some 300 neo-Nazi members of  the group Nordiska motståndsrörelsen (Nordic Resistance Movement) marched last weekend on the occasion of May 1, worker day celebration. From  all the pictures taken by the press that day, the one representing Tess Asplund alone but strong, defying the tide of neo-Nazis, has attracted the most media attention.

Shortly after this shot, Tess Asplund was escorted by police for her safety.

Asked by the media, Tess repeated that she was not afraid of those she stood against. The gesture of the anti-racism militant rallies now peaceful protests against racism around Scandinavia.


En av mina foton från nazistdemonstrationen i Borlänge. Noterar att den delas friskt just nu 🙂 #svpol #fotose pic.twitter.com/qc3Y3brByK

– David Lagerlöf (@davidlagerlof)