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R.D.Congo: Small Notes – In the death of an ambassador (3)

AnalysisR.D.Congo: Small Notes – In the death of an ambassador (3)

Small Notes - In death of an ambassador (3)



To find out who killed Ambassador Luca Attanasio, Carabiniere Vittorio Iacovacci and Mustapha Milambo, we need to look to Rwanda. So on Nigrizia, the bulletin of the Comboni fathers who for decades have had their own mission precisely where the massacre took place.

A detailed and detailed denunciation was made by the Comboni Missionaries, who also know the stones of that area. And that follows what we had written hotly on our site, which therefore finds authoritative confirmation, but adds noteworthy details.

The ambassador was not killed by chance, in a banditry operation that ended badly, as was obvious, given that, strangely, only two of the kidnapped were murdered in the firefight, the ambassador and the man who escorted him, while no one else was injured in the conflict that broke out in the bush.

Moreover, the ambush took place just 15 km from Goma, near the city, too risky for simple bandits.

According to Nigrizia, Attanasio was killed because he wanted to see clearly about the final destination of the money sent to the local NGOs (used too often to finance the continuing war in the region, it can be added without fear of denial).

And because he was trying to understand something of the massacres that took place in the east of the country, where mass graves are hidden in many corners. The massacres, in fact, are hidden underground here, so that the world is not aware of the genocide that is taking place there: the number of deaths would be unbearable for public opinion and international investigations should necessarily be launched.

In particular, the frequent visits of the ambassador to the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, where he met “Dr. Mukwege – Nobel Peace Prize 2018 and staunch defender of innocent victims, to the point of asking for an International Criminal Court for the Democratic Republic of Congo “.

An open denunciation by Attanasio would have harmed the dispossession of underground wealth that the war continues, fueled from the outside, allows (on this point Nigrizia indicates “United States, England and Canada sharing the geological scandal ‘of the east of the DRC” ).

Coltan is particularly appetite, necessary for the technological industries, of which that area is very rich. Extracting this mineral at low cost, as happens thanks to the war, makes it possible to calm the prices of technological products of mass consumption.

But let’s come to the account of Nigrizia, based on Congolese and Rwandan sources, the latter more than important in particular.

Attanasio’s interest would have irritated Rwanda, which controls, thanks to its warlords, that area of ​​the country, which has become, since there is the continuous struggle – which began in the early 90s, in conjunction with the boom in telephones. mobile phones – the first coltan exporting country in the world.

The attack was allegedly organized by “Colonel Jean Claude Rusimbi, a former soldier in the revolt led by Laurent Nkunda, a warlord investigated by the international court for crimes against humanity, today one of the leaders of Rwandan intelligence in the Northern military region Kivu “.

He would have started the Milan operation and sent, to carry it out, “the lieutenant ‘Didier’ ​​near Goma. The latter would have arrived on the spot on Sunday 21 February with 4 other soldiers trained as killers ”.

“Once the murder had been carried out, the killers would have returned to Rubavu in Rwanda through Kanyarucinya to report to those in charge. Above all at the head of the operation: Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda for over 25 years, and deus ex machina who controls the Great Lakes region on behalf of third parties ”.

As you can see, the details abound, obviously coming from very well-informed sources, to which there is little to add, except that a few days after the ambush, William Assani, the Congolese magistrate was also killed in the same area. charged with investigating the facts. A high and strong signal that certain threads are not touching.

And that also the murder of the carabiniere Iacovacci is not accidental: probable terminal of the ambassador’s confidences, he was not supposed to come out alive from the assault. Finally, according to Nigrizia, what happened would also be a signal for the new president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Felix Tshisekedi, who took the place of the old president, more than accommodating with Rwanda.

A way to tell the new president who is in charge in the east of his country, in which the diplomatic guarantee accredited to Attanasio from Kinshasa was obviously not considered valid.

Finally, it should be noted the denunciation of the Comboni newspaper against Monusco, the UN peacekeeping force, tens of thousands of soldiers who cost a billion a year and do nothing. And the question raised by many about the lack of escort of the convoy.

Nothing to add except that a bulletin of the missionaries has done that the normal Italian media should have done, which have much more to write, from Sanremo down.

And this despite the fact that a very serious crime has been committed, which is also an attack against the Italian state. The news is now relegated to the margins of the news, without any further study. Nobody asks for “truth for Attanasio”, as happened for Giulio Regeni …

It is hoped that the Italian government will do something and not just ignore everything as the national press does. In particular, it is hoped that it will at least guarantee the safety of the missionaries, who are putting it at risk for what happened to their friend Attanasio, Iacovacci and Milambo.

Source: https://www.italy24news.com/en/2021/03/small-notes-in-death-of-an-ambassador-3.html


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