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Model leaders where are they in Republic of South Sudan? By Ater Garang

AnalysisModel leaders where are they in Republic of South Sudan? By Ater Garang

last ned (3)South Sudan has suffered from inadequate leaders, in all sphere of life, political, social, economic, religion and so forth and so, who have raised their people’s expectation sky high only to disappointment and disillusion them.

Worse still are sufferings caused by unscrupulous leaders who seek scapegoats for their failure and gross incompetence by string up tribal hatred among their people, proverbial example is recently concluded senseless wars that depleted useful efforts after proclamation of our historic independence back to 2011.

How hard it is to find model leaders in contemporary Republic of

South Sudan. As committed and staunchest supporter of the

country ruling party Sudan’s People Liberation Movement (SPLM), I felt that South Sudan after attained her hard –fought sovereignty should not follow path of the rest of African most countries .

Therefore, South Sudanese should have thought properly , what does political independence means to them and the country that the belong to, in fact we have a long journey to embark on to reach final destination of being unique people in this continent, but it require patience and courage among ourselves.

We may think we have got a long way to go, but we need to look back at how far we have already come, we may not be everything that we want to be, but at least we can thank God because we are not what we used to be.

We have our country, which is recognized in the community of nations, but only our deeds will reflect who we are, and what the world think about us, let us not be discourage, no matter how many times we got knocked down, together let keep getting up God sees we are resolve.

He sees our determination. And when we do everything we can do, that is when God will step in and do what we cannot do.

But sometimes it need good leaders, a leaders who doesn’t impose themselves on others, who are freely and enthusiastically followed by those who are attracted by their visions, and who share their objectives. Now there is nothing wrong with aspiring to be a leader in any sphere whatsoever as long as your leadership is a disciplined one, which put the interest of nation first above political egoism.

On the contrary, if we have requisite gifts and the call of God, the aspiration to leadership will be natural and flourish, and with this kind of leadership, a great leader knows the limit of his/her own abilities, therefore he/she surrounds himself/herself with others capable men and women who can share objectives and work together with, to achieve them.

Good leadership is keys to any stable and peaceful society; nevertheless it is our duty as informed citizens of this nation to know how the critical factor which distinguishes, true leaders from others folk is. It is much easier for a leader to dream of the ideal place he/she want to take his/her people, to shares visions with them and get them excited, but if he/she cannot figure out how to get there, he/she like a blind leading the blind, both are headed for certain disaster.

There are South Sudanese, or fellows Africans who consider leadership as a privilege while others think it as a responsibility, leadership is both, a privilege and responsibility, and I hope many Christians read it in this parable, of which Jesus Christ brings out the right and the wrong concept of handing the responsibility of leadership, Matthew 25:14-30.

Penultimate, as South Sudanese who remembered all the time, the vision and mission of our movement by then, I felt that it is still our duty to embrace path to unity among our people as, and this will start from oneself.

Lastly , it is our responsibility as informed citizens to encourage our fellow South Sudanese to believe in themselves, and shall do that together by helping ourselves to develop specific awareness of the power that each one of us possesses in order to determine our own destiny rather than killing ourselves mercilessly for nothing.

Peace is only a golden opportunity we can exploit for prosperity of our nation.

The Writer is South Sudanese.

Living in South Sudan.

You can reach him at, atergarang452@gmail.com

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