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MASSIVE LAND-GRAB IN AFRICA CONTINUES: Wagosha Movement of Somalia warns Turkey, UAE over farming lands in southern Somalia


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The Executive Committee of the Wagosha Movement of Somalia is concerned about the activities of Turkey and the UAE in their bid to invest in the farming lands in southern Somalia.

Recently, the governments of Turkey and UAE have shown their interest in trying to engage in farming projects using lands taken illegally from the Bantu Community in Somalia by the successive apartheid governments of Somalia.

“The move of these two countries will cause bloodshed in Southern Somalia (Jubbaland, Lower Shabelle etc). They will have to take the responsibility of whatever happens in these areas. The Bantu people are ready to defend their lands by any means, and this message has to be understood clearly as it is conveyed’’, said an executive member of Wagosha Movement of Somalia.

The Wagosha Movement of Somalia will always stand for justice and equality in Somalia, and will never allow foreigners to add fuel to the conflict of Somalia.

“We kindly ask Turkey and UAE to be very careful in their greedy approach, and warn them to stay out from the farming lands of the Bantu people in Somalia or face the wrath of the self-defense groups of the Wagosha Movement of Somalia’’, concluded the members of the movement in their meeting held in Kismayo, Somalia.

W A G O S H A  M O V E M E N T   O F   S O M A L I A

        (to promote Justice,Equality & Development)

Wagosha Movement of Somalia

Kismayo, Somalia


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