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download (5)I don’t mince words, I don’t hold back how I feel about things. And when I feel strongly about something I may curse, so with that FUCK AKON, the scumbag torch-bearer for the new imperialism that is coming to the African continent.

I was born in Liberia and moved to the United States at a young age to escape the war.  While in the United States I have always paid attention to the issues and problems that fall on the entire continent as a whole. There has been one common trend that i have notices that is at the root of all problems in Africa. That trend being the amazing ability and rate to which outsiders have been able to convince African leaders and those with power to act in their own best interest while subjecting their people to horribly detrimental circumstances. Akron is the new face of that trend.

On May 27th at Coca-Cola’s Africa Day celebration Akon introduced his agenda to bring solar power to Africa through his ‘Akon Lights Africa’ “philanthropy” efforts.

When speaking of the elected representatives of these countries Akon was quoted as saying:

“In Africa, you’ve gotta manipulate them. You have to. You have to trick ‘em. No, like, really: You’ve gotta trick ‘em,”

And thats exactly what he is doing.

Phase One of his “tricky” plan-

1. He would go into countries in Africa with impending  political elections and offer to set up the solar technology for free in certain rural areas.

2. Once they set up this electricity for free, they would then help drive pressure from other villages that did not have i
t towards the elected official to get them power.

3. This pressure close to an election would force the officials to submit to Akons contracts, as they were effectively held hostage or lose their political position.

He learned a lot from his brief, yet embellished stint in jail.

It is a tactic that is often used by drug dealers (they give people drugs for free a few times and hope they get hooked and once they do then they start charging, in a practice known as “the comeback”).

In this case Akon is screwing with the democracy and election of nations in an effort to get what he wants.

But what does he ACTUALLY want? I mean this is a Philanthropic endeavor right? Wrong.

Akon has secured a $1 billion line of credit from China Jiangsu International Group, a Chinese government-owned construction company that has made it its business to go into corrupt areas of Africa and create a stronghold on those countries in the development realm. China Jaingsu specifically has focused on business in war-torn- but oil rich countries. Let us not begin to delve into the fact that this same company is barred from the World Bank in 2013 for illegal practices in the “Ethiopia irrigation and drainage” project.

China is essentially buying access to the rich resources of Africa, under the guise of “development”- and now- they have a mascot…

Back to Akonvict.

He is offering the distraction that many people will look at and say “see he’s a good guy”, That distraction is that he is going to be training people on how to set up these solar panels and training them on how to work with the materials that are being used.

But wait where are the materials coming from? guess..come on guess. Yup China.

Akon claims there is a stockpile of Chinese solar materials because tax laws in the US prevent them from being sold stateside. Nah, Son. They lied to you.

The US is china’s largest trading partner, only defective products pretty much aren’t allowed to be sold in the US. Why would the US government will allow Apple to build their iPhones almost exclusively in china and ship them here but have an issue with solar panels? or that just about every article of clothing is made in China, or toys , or electronics.

When it comes to brand shiny new solar panels…WE DONT WANT THEM. Nope nope nope. Doesn’t make sense, my African brother.

But maybe he is talking about the fact that many nations in the world have placed tariffs on Chinese “dumping” government sponsored anticompetitive solar panels on their shores.  Hmmm could it be that the Chinese companies could be looking for a way around these U.S tariffs? Like say produce them in South America or Asia or AFRICA? whats this —> Trade issues

To be fair Canada has the same problem with Chinese state funded solar power see link —->Canada

Then there’s the money- and lots of it:

” Who is going to pay for Akonvict’s $1 billion line of credit?” Not him even though he could potentially afford to fund the project on a lower scale as his personal business venture. I mean he does own a diamond mine in South Africa.  A mine in which when he was asked about, this African hero went on to say:

< font style="font-size: 8pt" color="#242424">“I don’t even believe in conflict diamonds…That’s just a movie..It’s no different from The Blair Witch Project. Everybody thought that was real…”

But back to the payments on that $1 billion line of credit:

Well that is the best part, the African countries forced into accepting the panels will be CHARGED for them! Akon’s initiative will pass the loans off unto these governments and they will be on the hook to the Chinese government once Akon and his group has gained their profits and effectively washed their hands of any commitment to those countries and their people.

A wise African man once said, “Nothing good is for free.”- The Corge

Akon’s business partner Samba Bathily states that the $1 billion credit line with the Chinese partners will ensure strong growth:

“It means anyone who installs our systems can make payments over [several] years,” he says. “Most of these countries couldn’t allocate the money to pay for a big project up front, but they can afford if they pay by installments.”

But will this mean free energy  for the people in those villages? Nah, not at all….

According to Akon, the cost of the solar panels will be subsidized by the governments and thus making the cost similar to that of kerosene. Yup, subsidized by the very African governments that now owe the Chinese massive amounts of money.

I want you to think about that for a moment..just think about it: These governments that can’t afford these projects now out right, will now have to make installment payments on them to the Chinese companies and at the same time simultaneously cover some of the costs that would be passed on to the consumer. If that is not a recipe for economic ruin I don’t know what is. What happens when these countries cannot pay the installments?

To Recap- Akonvicts Philanthropic Gesture and Gift:

1.Akon is a man of West African descent that believes conflict diamonds and the atrocities that are associated with them are myths.

2. He is going to manipulate government officials into signing contracts that favor him.

3. These contracts will give the rights to build the solar infrastructure to Chinese companies that have questionable pasts in Africa already.

4. They are going so  “train” Africans to be able to work specifically with the “Chinese systems” and no other.

5. These same Chinese companies are going to fund the project and charge the interest on the loan to the governments that Akon has effectively manipulated elections in.

6. The solar power will not be free to the people.

7. The solar panels that they plan on putting in have been found to be defective in many places and most western countries around the world “supposedly” won’t accept them.

8. African countries are locked into permanent relationships with Chinese governed companies for jobs, debt, and on a basic level- electricity.

When THE MOST POWERFUL NATIONS IN THE WORLD have had to give in to the Chinese at times because of debt obligations. What do you think is going to happen to these small powerless, in relation to China, natural resource rich countries once they are indebted to the Chinese people…

Is this the future Africans have to look forward to throughout the continent:

So like I said- FUCK AKON- You imperialistic, sell out, scumbag.

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