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Kimpa Vita

The fifteenth century was a time when the legacy of powerful African Kingdoms was wickedly invaded by the West. The African rich and plentiful history-interrupted by slavery, genocide and the deportation of Africans to new lands. In the account, The Great Kingdom on Kongo was no exception.

Kimpa Vita, 18 years of age, also known as Dona Beatriz, was a Congolese leader who lived in the Kingdom of Kongo during the 18th century. She emerged as a revolution leader during a time of unrest and conflict in the region, she decided to fight for her country.

she preached a message of unity and resistance against the Portuguese colonizers who had been exploiting and enslaving the people of Kongo. She also sought to reform the Catholic Church in Kongo and to promote the traditional practices and beliefs for the people.

Kimpa Vita, a young woman whose story included striking parallels with Joan of Arc.On the second of July, 1706, she was burned alive, she is now always remembered throughout her Kingdom as, Kimpa Vita: The Mother of the Revolution. her ultimate fate has kept her memory alive as an ideal for later democratic and religious movements across the African continent