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We have heard about the leader in Zambia, Harry Kalaba, as minister of foreign affairs resigned as a result of over corruption and emblezzment and he not finding any way in the government to end it. Embezzlement and Corruption have become a culture now in our countries, it has become a common factor in our economic systems that can not eliminate these problems in its essence, we hear about the campaign on that but still there. There are many song of corruption and/or bribery in our countries but never touch the roots cause of these issues, they rises about moral decay, patriotism and nationalism.
Embezzlement and corruption are the product of capitalism, for in capitalism Corruption is one of its characteristics. Because capitalism create classes, bourgeois and working class, they have and they have not, for those they have they will use bribes as part of their way of earning capital and even access to early services. I remember the words of Mwalimu Nyerere’s, he was a first Tanzanian president that “in Corruption, poor people have earned nothing” and that we see in our countries in hospitals and other services. So, what he Kalaba did, he should realize that Corruption and frauds have not come from heaven and his war to win it must first eliminate the capitalism system. Because capitalism themselves are Corruption, they have created a corrupt environment. example, capitalism has commodify Health, now in order to get healthy you have to have some money, so it has put a barrier on health and makes people struggling to get healthy and its result, cause a lot of consequences.
Also, the capitalism system has been eliminate and destroyed patriotism, especially in our countries. There is no patriarchist and it’s not unfortunate, it’s a matter of origin of the same capitalism, that you have made people more concerned about their ego than the nation, and to appreciate the personality than humanity of mankind. Because the real meaning of patriotism is a citizen not only to love their country but how citizen love their country by own the main economic ways of his country like minerals, land and etc., to be part of the wealth of their country. Now in capitalism this situation does not exist, means of production is owned by a minority and its acquisition should be a deterrent to another to continue acquiring property. So in the capitalist form you can say there is a patriotism through laws and policies but in the social reality of citizens in owning their Economy, is no patriotism. And this can be seen by what is happening in Zambia on Kalaba reaction on emblezzment and corruption, that patriotism never end on evangelism but also should reflect the peoples way of living on satisfy their needs. Because what they call over greed and frauds may end but still poverty remain.
If Harry Kalaba, he does not want to see Embezzlement and corruption, he must accept the struggle to create socialism as an appropriate way to eliminate corruption and his roots. For good intentions or denial of Corruption within the system of capitalism and you will felt that you will end corruption will be deceptive. That good will and/ or idea of the Kalaba cannot break the roots of corruption in its beauty but it is to break down the system that has rooted the roots of corruption. And this what we see in Zambia and Africa in general, it tell us that socialism is inevitable towards to create a society which follow the principle of equality and humanity without corruption and thief’s. I see the role of Zambia socialists Part on looking these issue that provide cancer for our nation. And people must know that in Zambia only solution in within the hope of socialism, and socialist part their do in towards dignity, equality, and humanity.
We agree that, there is something to do with highlighting what Kalaba has done, to see the situation at its level of decision making and to see that it did not work properly. This is not new because everyone sees these corruption and Embezzlement, but the problem is how to solve it, because this issue is not a matter of law or policies in eradication of corruption. Because we have policies and laws but have been resolved to eliminate corruption. Anything the policy will say on anti-corruption and Corruption should be based on the economic system, and we are now talking about capitalism. Who in its activities gives and receives Corruption every day. What is the meaning of the “capital” and how much capital is the legitimacy of taking African property here, our minerals, oil, and our products(This is emblezzment of African resources), but the capital is governed by the laws and policies, that Kalaba see will have the aid of eliminating corruption or emblezzment in society and Africa general.
Also, this is not just a moral issue, that people are not morally upright, there must strict system of make sure organize and protection for the property of the people, because corruption is not limited to giving or receiving anything that will lead to a person’s fault or gain something which is not right, or use public property for personal interests of anger! Its main focus is on the relationship of ownership of the main economic ways that makes many poor and fewer rich, and that is when it comes to real frauds. And this very crucial factor must not be known, even when Kalaba in its parliamentary position was to be justified by corruption as the relationship between the workforces is not respected and is not shared.
Also, I heard the voice of the president of Africa National Congress (ANC), Cyril Ramaphosa, he accepted that South Africa has immersed in the ocean of corruption and frauds, on the issues of state capture and individual interests on public use. This statement I connect with the Kalaba resign after seeing frauds and corruption at high peak in Zambia, my concern is, this is not enough to end corruption if you cannot bring any efforts of removing the gap between the poor and rich, this is grant emblezzment. As we saw earlier, corruption itself is between the social relation of means of production between the poor and rich.
My concern, is very clear that, there are roots causes of all these problem. We are living in the world of capitalism hegemony. Even meaning of emblezzment itself changed, meaning act as an ideology that mask the people to see reality. They saying things like moral, patriotism, nationalism, and never ask about how capitalists capital create biggest emblezzment in Africa, where is our minerals, oils, and others things?. This is question I pose to Kalaba, on what exactly way, just rethinking on the roots course.
One Africa, Free Africa!
Nassoro kitunda 

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