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Juba: South Sudanese in crossfire of Political Ideologies By Ater Garang Ariath

OpinionsJuba: South Sudanese in crossfire of Political Ideologies By Ater Garang Ariath

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South Sudanese innocent people were caught in crossfire of political ideologies when unnecessary political wrangling erupted within the country ruling party, Sudan’s People liberation Movement (SPLM) a party that fought bitterly for independence of the nation, but later abandoned best models that supposed to steer this nation forward for national cohesion. 

Young people which constituted 70% of country vast population were cripplingly marginalized in decision making process in the country, no greater attentions that were paid by existing government to address challenges facing them, such as lack of employment, good education and better services toward youth empowerment.

The government has seemed to ignored “young people as future of South Sudan”, with poor public policy toward availing universal education for all, the existing five universities are ill-equipped to contribute in manufacturing able South Sudanese future leaders, which supposed to be the starting point for emerging nation like South Sudan.

However, the government plugged itself in widespread malpractices, especially the cabinet Ministers who have been in government for consecutive eight years, didn’t delivered and still backtracking the same government that gave them freedom to involved  in widespread corruption practices by  looted almost the half of country wealth.

“hunger  for  political  power  lures  South Sudanese men  and  women  from the  comfort of  their  homes  and  jobs in  the  private  sector  and  government  and  drives  them to  spend  months,  even  a year now, leading unsuccessful rebellion against government and people, whom  they want to lead.

Therefore, I am one among South Sudanese people who have never been happy on how the country has been run and most of influential figures that have been leading rebellion after being dropped in the current cabinet, were part and parcel of those wrong policies that they are claiming now to be bad.

However, they need to be reminded that “you reap what you sow”; they are now enjoying the fruits of their labour, of which they have been planted for eight consecutive years of being in cabinet without propagated practical and radical transformation within the government and ruling party alike.

Nevertheless, only innocent South Sudanese people bear heavily the consequences of visionless leaders, who unscrupulous think for themselves first, before putting the interest of nation and its civil population.

This  is  a problem  of  power, it’s  is a magician’s  bargain : give  up  our  souls ,  get  power in return.  But  once  souls, that  is ourselves have  given  up ,  the  power thus  conferred  will  not  belong   to  us. We shall  in  fact  be  slaves   and  puppets  of  that  to  which we  have  given  our  soul.

Therefore ,  we   as  South  Sudanese  should  be  careful   about  the  ongoing  political upheaval  in   our  nation   and  stop  supporting   anything  that  endanger  our  political  sovereignty  and  national  integrity  of  our  nation.

Why   I   say   this   based   on  what   I  have  seen  for  last   one year now  in  our  nation,   where  my  closest   friends, relatives   and  families   were  killed   on  both  side  of  the  warring  parties. 

And  I   have  to  reiterated  my  stance   as  South  Sudanese   citizen  that   a  “significant  movement”,  begin  from  the   bottom up  not  top down.   Absolutely  important changes  in  any  political  arena  begin  not  from  officials  or  celebrities ,   but   through  ordinary  people ,  one  of  the living  proof  was  the  Tunisia.

The little   platoons.  Every  South Sudanese   person  can   and  should  seek  to  make  a  difference  in  his or  her  corner of  the  world   by  personally   helping  those  in  need, rather than mobilizing resources to fought brothers war.

Beyond   this,  there  are  some   fanatic   and  wrongheaded   leaders  among  South Sudanese  societies  that   are  calling  themselves  to  work  through  government  structures   and  by  political  means  to  bring  their  own  influence  into  South Sudanese  politics .

Nevertheless,   these  are   the  same  wrong  e
lements    who  poorly   laid   a  sordid   foundation   of  our  nation   since   the  inception   of  South  Sudanese   self-government  after  the  signature   of  Comprehensive  Peace   Agreement(CPA) . 

South Sudanese   peasants   were caught   in the   “crossfire of political ideologies”,   once against after they have squarely decided to vote in referendum for an independence country, Republic of South Sudan, hoping to create viable nation in Africa continent with help of natural resources that God endowed.

My  fellows   South Sudanese   were  murdered   by  their  own  leaders   and   hard-liner  supporters,   over  half   of  our  population  lives  under   the  ultimate   fear  of   their  safety.   Millions   in  this  country   have  been  condemned   to  live  bound ,  gagged    and  tortured    and  die  in  the  gulag.

In  my   opinion   a prudent   leader  foresees  the danger  ahead   and  takes  precautions,  while  the  simpleton    goes  blindly   on   and  suffers  the  consequences.    Any   wise   leader  envisage   step  taken    and  its  ramifications,   but   this   is  not  the  case  in  our  context   as  South  Sudanese, our  leaders   never   care   for   our   stability,   unity ,  prosperity   and  the  list  is  extensive.

South  Sudanese   and  the  aspirant  leaders  should   be   challenge   at  least   to   ensure   that   a   “just  leader  cares  for  stability  of  his  or  her  nation”,.     Therefore   I  am   calling  for  political   stability   in  our  nation ,  because  it   will  play  important  role  in  national  balanced  development   countrywide.

Let us  be  astuteness   in  whatever   we  do ,   let   us   stop  spreading  hatred   among  our  people  on  different  social  media  outlets ,  let’s  work  hard  at  living  in  peace  with  others.

Personally    I  will   and  never   contribute  to  the  rise  of  gangster  leaders   in  our  nation   and  I  will  do  what   I  can  to  ensure  that  South  Sudanese    fellow   men  and  women  realize    peace,  unity   and   stability.

Those  who  worked  for  that,  however ,  need  to  be   forewarned:  everyday  business  of  politics  is  power   and  that  is  all,   and  power  as   I   know  so  well  from  the  bottom  of  my  own  experience  can  be  perilous  for  anyone .

My   purpose  here  is  not  to  deal  exhaustively  with  the  complex  issue   of  power  nor  could  I.

But  I  want  to  at  least   examining  the  dynamics  of  power ,  particularly  as  it  affect  the  political  arena   and  those   who enter  it.

As  to  remind    you  my  dear   fellow   beloved    citizens ,  man’s  desire to control  his  own  destiny and  impose  his  will  on others   is  the  most  basic  human  motivation that we should approach with our potential subconscious.

Certainly   as  to  concluded   by  argument  here ,   in  every  generation ,  there  are  statesmen motivated  by a  genuine  noblesse  oblige  a  sense  of  high  calling  to  serve  humanity,   in fact  South  Sudanese   people  have   late   hero   Dr.  John Garang De Mabior and   hope in years to come few leaders   will be reborn by not at this moment.

Young people matter, they matter because they are potential tools use by politicians to fought war of their own interest, if this is the case, South Sudanese youth on both sides of the two warring parties should come into their senses and denounce these politicians that use them.

Together as youth, we have brighter future that we should shape to meet our interest of building prosperous and vibrant South Sudan, rather than allow ourselves to be drag back by unscrupulous leaders who never hold future for themselves.

South Sudan should supposed to be model example in Africa continent, however the wrong path taken by our nation must be reserve, if youth grow into their senses that they are no longer politicians tools , but responsible human-being and potential future leaders,  I think South Sudan will be better place that one appreciate to live.

“Enough is enough”, youth have paid heavy price for their ignorance in the ongoing conflict and they should learn from it, otherwise experience is the best teacher.

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