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Israel’s Genocidal War on Gaza Has Killed 10,000 People


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Gaza faced yet another communications blackout on November 6, as reports emerged of Israeli planes bombing residential areas and killing dozens of civilians.

On the night of November 5 and the morning of November 6, Israeli forces bombed over 450 locations in the Gaza Strip, killing dozens, including women and children.

The total number of Palestinians killed has crossed the 10,000 mark. Over 26,000 have been injured in Israel’s indiscriminate bombings and ground offensive. Over 1,000 Palestinians are also reported missing and are likely to be buried in the debris created by Israel’s warplanes targeting residential areas, hospitals, schools, and other civilian infrastructure.

Israel has launched a ground offensive inside Gaza. Its forces claimed on November 6 that they had divided the besieged Palestinian territory into two. They also repeated their ultimatum demanding all residents leave northern Gaza.

On November 6, internet services and telecommunications were shut down in Gaza for the third time since October 7, and Israel once again disrupted the power supply to Al-Shifa Hospital. The largest hospital in Gaza has faced repeated attacks in its vicinity and is running out of fuel, medicine, and space, caused both by the Israeli blockade and the surge in the number of patients. There are tens of thousands of people seeking refuge in the hospital.

Israeli occupation forces have also killed 155 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem since October 7, two of them on November 

Source: from the Peoples Dispatch / Globetrotter News Service

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