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Haiti: Carnival Protesters Demand an End to PHTK Dictatorship. 26 January 2020. (SHARE).

PHOTO’S: “Kanaval protests in St. Marc, #Haiti this past Sunday. Anti-#PetroCaribeCorruption slogans and expressions denouncing ‘US / UN imposed’ President (Now Dictator) Jovenel Moise & his corrupt #PHTK ruling gov painted all over bodies of protesters.” – Haiti Info Project. https://twitter.com/HaitiInfoProj/status/1222673448574636036
VIDEO:The level of violence in #Haiti aimed at terrorizing the population has increased 10 fold since the beginning of the new year. Expensive weaponry is flowing into the hands of gangs identified as having openly worked w/police to kill & murder protesters in 2019. https://twitter.com/HaitiInfoProj/status/1222678354312060928
Photo’s via: https://twitter.com/HaitiInfoProj
Haiti: Roots of an Uprising. August 29, 2018. https://haitiliberte.com/haiti-roots-of-an-uprising/
Updates @ https://twitter.com/ReparationsH



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