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Foreign Tutelage is unacceptable

Action alertsForeign Tutelage is unacceptable
Once upon a time, the frogs wished for a better, powerful and influential king to rule and majestically presides over their cases.
The frogs were tired of governing themselves by themselves for themselves, like the current scenario that our brothers and sisters are pushing hard for South Sudan to be under UN guardianship aftermath of hard won independence.
They had so much freedom that it had spoiled them, and they did nothing but sit around croaking in a bored manner and wishing for a government that could entertain them with the pomp and display of royalty, and rule them in a way to make them know they were being ruled.
 No milk and water government for them, they declared. So they sent a petition to their Creator asking for a king.
God saw what simple and helpless creatures they were, but to keep them quiet and make them think they had a king he threw down a huge log, which fell into the water with a great splash.
 The Frogs hid themselves among the reeds and grasses, thinking the new king to be some fearful giant.
But they soon discovered how tame and peaceable King Log was. In a short time the younger Frogs were using him for a diving platform, while the older Frogs made him a meeting place, where they complained loudly to God about the government.
To teach the frogs unforgettable lesson the ruler of the gods now sent a crane to be king of Frogland.
The crane proved to be a very different sort of king from old King Log. He gobbled up the poor frogs right and left and they soon saw what fools they had been.
 In mournful croaks they begged God to take away the cruel tyrant before they should all be destroyed.
“How now!” cried God “Are you not yet content? You have what you asked for and so you have only yourselves to blame for your misfortunes.”
As South Sudanese citizens, we need to be careful, otherwise there is no better system than the system run by our people.
Albeit, I feel proud and I wish to see our political leaders find a common ground to work collectively for the welfare of South Sudanese people.
I, we, and you must engage them frankly in that front in order to put aside political rivalry and tribal cocoons that compromise our national cohesion instead of calling for UN guardianship.
The UN trusteeship has failed in many parts of the world and our next-door Democratic Republic of Congo is prime example, while its was under UN-guardianship.
Frankly speaking, core resolution for South Sudan progress on pathways of stability, economics growth and sustainable development, squarely rest upon South Sudanese themselves.
Therefore, President Salva Kiir Mayardit and First Vice President, Riek Machar Teny should be given ample time to gain momentum of forging partnership on critical matters of the moments.
State building is a process, which need a better thinking environment rather than amounting unnecessary pressure at the wrong hours.
The initiative of massive roads network building undertaken by President Salva Kiir leadership is one of the vital services that South Sudan need for its faster growth.
Painstakingly, nationalistic South Sudanese need critical reforms and total overhaul within our governance system starting from the party, but with time.
We all have important role to play for better democratic South Sudan,we desire and belong as equal stakeholders, but with time.
Yes, our philosophy need to be develop by us as intellectuals to reflect who we are as a nation, but we must first learn to solve our issues with intellect rather with arms.
The diplomacy, military and civil services professionalization are immediate prior tasks these multiparty revitalized government must check as matter of live and death as a nation.
Last but not least, leaders must be so conscious and overshadow what bedevil national pride and identity.
Per see, South Sudanese citizens are well known regionally and internationally for their unswerving steadfastness and perseverance but there is a time for everything,  let us not take them for granted all the times.
The only hope, a resolute viable option to preserve our country’s chief pride is to dialogue as South Sudanese among ourselves and forged a national cohesion forward.
Be sure we can better our conditions before we seek to change or foreign tutelage with string attach to it.
Ater Garang Ariath
Former Secretary General
Defunct Aweil East State and stalwart SPLM cadre

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