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Peace at Home is Paramount By Ater Garang Ariat

Action alertsPeace at Home is Paramount By Ater Garang Ariat
First and foremost, South Sudanese Peace mediators should strive wholeheartedly to restore peace and stability in South Sudan.
” South Sudanese leaders, cannot bring peace in the region, if there is no peace at home,”.
Painstakingly, I face the music even I don’t like the tune from my closest East African Higher School classmate from Kenya, who told me so.
Therefore, to feel at ease as a South Sudanese patriotic citizen, it’s the duty for the leaders of revitalized transitional government of national unity to prove most of doubters both in the region and international wrong.
Assurance of peace and stability as well as serving interests of South Sudanese masses than immediate individuals interest must top agenda.
For sure, without the people’s interest constantly at heart, the work of RTGONU is of no benefit and tantamount to the looting machine in disguise designed by regional enemies.
As one of patriotic citizens, our eagle eyes on the parties and individuals to the agreement will not give us rest to speak our minds on this a cutthroat partisan politics of the revitalized peace agreement.
Nevertheless, one of prime examples, is the ongoing health institutions standoffs.
Albeit, we are in situation of cutthroats partisan politics, which in real sense derailed the spirit of collegial consultations and partnership in that vital institution.
Frankly, the spirit of reforms within the RTGONU must be supported by patriotic citizens.
At least, solid information and in the public interest must not be claw at our laps, but to be share for public to know positive activities embark on by the RTGONU.
For transparency and full fledged accountability, office resources must be given to all leaders of RTGONU at all levels of government, regardless of their parties, seniority or any other qualification, since the come with job tittle.
All in  all, as patriotic citizens, we hate leaders who mishandle us at top leadership and there is no excuse for not paying attention to our needs.
Unity in purpose
Unity of South Sudanese masses, the parties to  the revitalized peace agreement and the whole country is essential.
At equal footing, criticism may take place along revitalized peace agreement lines, while at the same time a basic unity of our peoples is felt and preserved by their leaders.
This is a national discourse or dialectical method of criticism and self criticism as leaders.
In nutshell, political leaders with good will and faith are stoutly urge to allow and accept dialectical method, which should be central to revitalized peace agreement improvement and as such revitalized peace agreement leaders must not fear it, but engage in it openly.
Above all, South Sudanese leaders must be selfless, with the interests of South Sudanese at heart.
Kingly, for lasting peace and stability in South Sudan, leaders must also possess of largeness of mind as well as a practical farsighted mindset to redress the matters at hand.
Realistically, elections are coming, even if leaders in the RTGONU are not all them fading away from political scene or stage but corrupt individuals must be showed walking papers.
As patriotic concerned individuals, effective representation of citizens interest is our business.
The leadership of RTGONU should put politics a side and embarked on inter parties dialogue rather than allow their influences fading away from the global political scene.
Conclusion, political photography is not enough, until parties build up courage tenacity and boldness to question status quo.
As patriotic citizens, anytime, we see our leaders retrogress from their commitment and pledges to implement revitalized peace agreement in letter and spirit, we are disappointed.

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