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Action alertsFEES MUST FALL CAMPAIGN IN SOUTH AFRICA By: Comrade Nassoro Kitunda

There is a continuous movement for Students demanding a fee free for higher education and education to be free. This tournament is historic not last but the day the day is getting faster, in 2015 this tournament has risen sharply by an increase of 8% of fee in universities. Demonstrations and qualifications are highly educated at colleges Students commenting on their concerns with Leadership on rising fees at various universities, various groups aiming at this Economic Freedom Fighter Student Command (EFFSC), PASMA, BLF and others. This is an indication that need alternative to the outside of the capitalist system, because you have failed to satisfy humanity.
Capitalism has brought a lot of trouble, it has brought a great deal of human confusion to its needs. Because education is a natural human right why it comes? The educational act of purchase is increasing the need for the weak to gain education and friction over these poor people seeking education. David Harvey says this is the foundation of contradiction of capitalism in the world, people suffer to get it. So this itself creates two obstacles for poor towards education, that is why education is in exchange value from use value, we saw many students dropped school in South Africa and world general, because they have not fees for school, second they destroy the content of education, so education follow the rhymes of capitalism that prepare people for labor market and not for social and national needs. This is the capitalism thinking of individualism and not thinking about others, to expect to finish school, to get a job and then to live a good life without reasoning where people produce, who produce, and who appropriate after production in society.
Students at universities have heard and have seen their voices, the University of Cape Town Students have ceased to conduct a examination by claiming a fee committee to release a report on the increase in fees at universities. It is a matter of fact that universities have issued an agenda for raising fees. These students’ voice tells us that there is something wrong in educational system. Fees must Fall activists joining to call for releasing a commission report in Mid Term Budget as the step for them. I agree this will be a step but is not a panacea, whatever report say on fees increment, students must release that no something new if the system itself realize education is a personal matter. A report never changes education system. Students must organize and stick in agenda.
Fees must fall into campaigns must only go to the academia to fight for the academia of ideology. The keyword here is academia of ideology. For education is not a loose thing that education wants to redeem and bourgeois also need education to crush the weak, so it’s a boxing field. Its essence is to demolish capitalism so that the demands occur. So it’s not a matter of relying on the response committee fees or educational policies! You must be tempted to leave for free education and not for free but for education and redemption education to be available for social development. Because the fee committee can say that the fees have not yet increased but what kind of education is offered at those schools? It is a very basic question to answer. Reducing fees is one thing and a revolution of the whole Economy system is another thing.
I heard interview between the SABC Information Center and the president of Students Representative Council of University of Cape Town on a fee must fall, Siapati Tshabalala, shesays that “we need free education for all on what the Mandela said”. This is very important to claim a decrease in school fees but we must think more than that, because fees may drop to universities but education can still in capitalism way. So fees to fall and free education is not enough for South Africans to achieve education for liberation. All universities presidents of SRC should know that.
A part to concern from the people of Land First Black First (BLF), they said in order to live well we should take land first, is true. The question how to get land without changing the system of production? Obvious land is important, but we need a tool to coordinate ownership of land and not another is socialism. For a considerable extent that people own their Economy, means, the major means of productions being monitored by people themselves this is a continuous essence. So not finding land but finding land on the coordination of the scientific Socialism that will change even your social services of the people in the process of attainment in society.
In spite of the efforts made by Multi-College Students for fighting free fees and free education, they must go farther, because unemployment problems and poverty are the product of capitalism whose education tells people that they should continue to hurt someone else. So I’ve heard the pupils’ plight complaining, the law says education is free, because the constitution stipulates education as free, this government violates law and constitution without educating its people, but the country is dominated by the Economy system that determines education, politics, health and even Clean and safe water can be. Even what the law says about education like in the capitalist system whose education is exchange value cannot get it free without demolishing the system. Law and constitution can never bring about social changes if the property production system remains unpunished. So it is very important that the fees must fall as a campaign thinks so broadly, and it does not reach the problem of existence in education only. Because what happen if education is free, what about health, how about clean and safe water, what about electricity, housing spills, these all should be free, so this campaign automatically creates the essence of all these problems. Not only education should be free but all the basic human needs of everyday life.
This campaign must move forward than only fighting education. Thai why we say we cannot divorce the fees must be as a campaign and working class struggle, we should combine this two movement because all drops in the same lake or river. And with the alternative capitalism system is this socio-economics’, the only way to give mankind their needs is no other than socialism. And this is African demands this campaign should be a international.

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