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There is a lot of controversy about what to start in opposing it at first. Between the extension of concept of class dimensions or the male system. These issues have come up on the debate that the most important thing to deal with is a matter of issue and not a male system, the male system is a little thing. There are so many questions among the comrades in how to choose something forward in the fight. The debate has gone far more about this gender issue is a matter of capitalism and not a socialist in the ways of addressing. Because there are strong preach from capitalism on gender.
This issue is very serious because the conflict of Class struggle continues to increase and has its history, as well as the matter of the male’s system, becoming increasingly bigger. The war of the class does not endorsement the gender issue in the capitalism war this is fought by both men and women in the side of the weakened, and men and women in the strongest. The key is the form of ownership of the property system, especially those main economic ways to humanity. The war of many and against a few regardless of their sexual status. But in the same interpretation of the ownership of major economic means of production such as land, forests, oceans, exports, minerals and other things. That leads us to see the problem of the male supremacy system. The male system began to emerge from the world before the capitalism and its roots in it. So the problem of the male supremacy system is the same way to translate the means production and who owns it? has also influenced people’s societal perspective on the woman and man in society.
The dilemma here is how we will deal with these two issues. The most controversial on class struggle against the male supremacy system. And today even bourgeois are talking about the agenda of equality for women and looking for opportunities for these women to be a dilemma. But these bourgeois do not have a systematic approach to them but they have increased the edge of this system and make women vulnerable to social security such as food, clothing, and shelter. Bourgeois has gone far more to make the woman’s genre the product (commodity) today there is casino capitalism, what difference they did to Sarah Baartman (1789) have with the current women as a shown? Look model, video queens, miss, in advertising show and others. This question is very important when we are about to redeem a woman in our fight. Let’s just look at a woman’s redemption on washing or furnishing a baby but also there in the translation of the ownership system of major economic ways to meet their needs. If this is a 50/50 argument on representation positions in the parliament, this argument is not enough as the main economic options are available to a few, the risk of children’s bourgeoisie will be the opportunity and the children of the poor will not find it. Because this is class war between the two group in society.
Socialism has these two anti-competitions, the first fight against capitalism, the second to deal with the patriarchal system. Now let’s start the question together or start with one? A serious debate is here, there are people saying we are starting to demolish capitalism and others say we start with a male system. The argument of people who say we start and demolish capitalism and socialize in the meaning of the male system is something little in the capitalism system. So they feel that they must change the system of ownership of the main ways of Economy From a few people and to many people, then women will be successful in that society. But not to fight the patriarchal system before demolishing capitalism, for them this is mistake to build equality, because a real enemy is capitalists.
On the other hand, what they saying there is need more anti-male system whose effects are available directly to women in the community. They even detect capitalism while the patriarchal system remains in the society. These are joining the commandant Fidel Castro’s statement on the fight against the struggle, that even women in the form of socialism should seek their rights, so after the revolutionary politics should have a revolution in it too. This shows us the serious problem of the gender system and its roots in our communities. This dilemma I see in Africa today look South Africa everyday there are violence against women, so this is system within the system which create a double problem, there are monopoly capital and violence of women is contradictory.
In this debate we should be very careful about all these issues discussed in the main issue of our struggle. The revolution is not only brought by men but brought by all men to women for the real struggle. For direct or non-direct participation. There is a lot of trouble in society that is the right way for human life. Things like gender that also do not end up with women and men but in the present situation have gone far beyond the scenes that coordinate the gender. This argument is the reason we should be so careful not to bring up confusion on the fight because we need a total transformation of society and not group of things in the society. Is very important for our movement.
It is very important to amalgamate efforts from this struggle. We should put our forces together to deal with these issues, we should not separate the efforts we use to combat the class dimensions struggle and to fight against the patriarchal system. This is very important in completing these enemies together. It is clear that socialism is starting with us and caring for gender issues begins in our struggle as we approach demolition and capitalism. Our thinking and thinking must be responsive to Precision on the perfect fight with the class struggle with the male system. It’s a great sin to put them in two different ways. If we say we will introduce this we will find ourselves building a half society that its reality does not focus on the redemption of all people. It is our aim to demolish the production system that translates the scandal of any kind to mankind.
My concern is obviously the issue is not a woman or a man but it is humanity and equality. We must fight with all the shapes that give rise to humanity and human equality in its museums. The framework of the system is a barrier that is a barrier to women who have kept fast in capitalism. Socialism is the key to a woman’s struggle before and after demolishing capitalism. Because it reflects the main ways of Economy that for most boys it will benefit both men and will change the interpretation of those ways in gender. Delay protests against two maladies in homes and in the industries that now globalization takes them as part of their repatriation.

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