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Articles should be no longer 5000 words, and preferably shorter. To submit an article for consideration send them to: submissions [at] .


Copyright is held by Kimpa Vita Press & individual authors of all material published. Feel free to disseminate and reproduce materials or you should approach the individual contributors or contact the editors. .


Book manuscript submissions:


Below is the process from submission through to acceptance and publication by Kimpa Vita Press & Publishers:


SUBMISSION: The manuscript must be well written in a standard coherent language.  It must be typed, preferably double-spaced. The work must be written in Times New Roman font size 12. The manuscript can be submitted in English, French & Swahili. You must send a request first to the editors for other languages.

The work must be original.  The manuscript by e-mail using the address: manus_submissions[at] While submitting, please include a synopsis and a write-up on the intended audience. Hard copy of the original manuscript can be send at:


Kimpa Vita Press & Publishers

Weidmannsvei 9 A

7014 Trondheim



REVIEW:  It takes 8 weeks for evaluation from the date it has been submitted. But you usually receive a receipt in 72 hrs if we estimate that we can not publish the manuscript.


PUBLICATION: If a manuscript is accepted for publication, the author will be invited to discuss the kind of contract, we will be proposing for the work.  We do not have a standard contract.  Details of the agreement are agreed upon, and if both parties are satisfied with the terms, the manuscript is then slotted in our publishing plan and scheduled appropriately.  The details of such a contractual agreement are, however, not discussed until the manuscript has been officially accepted for publication.




You can help promote, peace, dignity, and solidarity by donating to Kimpa Vita Press & Publishers in cash or in kind.

Your contributions to Kimpa Vita Press & Publishers will:


         Support our training and workshop programs in Peace and Conflict Transformation

         Support our dialogue and Advocacy projects

         Empower citizens through developing their media literacy skills

         Support the publication of books and media materials

         Provide stipends for promising creative grassroot projects

         Expand the training centre’s infrastructure.


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