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Fighting back again monetary colonialism by Farida Nabourema

An excellent animated short film that perfectly explains the monetary colonialism of the CFA franc realized by Frida Nbourema

Will the Circle be Unbroken? Reviving the Spirit of Bandung and Panchsheel

“I hate the US empire, and I love the US republic.” — Johan Galtung Circles evoke mutual acceptance, self-respect, and constructive collaboration.  Straight lines can...

Haiti: “The Truth Speaks for Itself” by Robert Roth, Haiti Action Committee

On December 16th, 2022, Fanmi Lavalas – the people’s party of Haiti – released a statement commemorating the 32nd anniversary of the first democratic...

Climate Change: Cuba’s Fight Against Extreme Drought By Alejandra Garcia

Cuba is particularly vulnerable to climate change, being an island and a tropical country. Cycles of drought, hurricanes, and rainfall are becoming more frequent...

Deafening Silence of Intellectuals in Face of Growing Global Conflicts By Boaventura de Sousa Santos

Progressive commentators are increasingly absent from major media outlets, while every week conservative ones present us with page after page of staggering mediocrity. Intellectuals do...

Rwanda, Israel, and the African Union

  Tags: Africa, Colonialism, Cultural violence, Direct violence, Ecocide, Gaza, Genocide, Israeli Apartheid, Israeli occupation, Middle East, Nakba, Netanyahu, Palestine, Palestine/Israel, Paul Kagame, Rwanda, Sociocide, State Terrorism, Structural violence, Violent conflict, West Bank, Zionism   On February 18, at the annual summit of the African Union, AU security personnel...

Where Coffee Is Grown but Rarely Consumed, a Shift

In Uganda, people grow coffee to export but rarely consume it themselves. Now a push to dispel myths about the beverage and introduce new...

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