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480,000 killed by extreme weather this century – Analysis

Almost half a million people have died in natural disasters linked to extreme weather events in the last 20 years, according to a new...

Satellite alerts help fight illegal logging across Africa

By Reuters Published on Jan 05, 2021      A system using satellite data to send free alerts when trees are destroyed has been linked to a...

“Colonizing the Atmosphere”: How Rich, Western Nations Drive the Climate Crisis

New analysis finds the Global North is responsible for 92% of all excess global carbon dioxide emissions, while the Global South bears the brunt of the devastation.

‘We will coup whoever we want’: Elon Musk and the overthrow of democracy in Bolivia by Vijay Prashad, Alejandro Bejarano

What role did billionaire Elon Musk and his thirst for lithium play in the coup in Bolivia? Vijay Prashad and Alejandro Bejarano discuss. Elon Musk...

The Gates Foundation’s “Green Revolution” in Africa: Agribusiness Wins, Small Scale Farmers Lose

15 Jul 2020 – Ann Garrison interviews Timothy Wise on why US-style corporate agriculture pushed by billionaire Bill Gates has been disastrous for Africa. “The number...

Racial Pandemic and Viral Pandemic: USA Is an Epicenter, but Both Pandemics Are Global by Imani Countess and William Minter*

* William Minter is the editor of AfricaFocus Bulletin. Imani Countess is an Open Society Fellow focusing on economic inequality. This essay is part...

DRC’s Virunga: Park, Gorillas, and Rangers All Under Attack

Congolese officials are blaming armed Rwandan Hutu refugees for the massacre of twelve rangers and five civilians, but there are any number of other...

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