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Book Review: The Soul of Uganda Through Song by Michiel van Oosterhout

The Soul of Uganda Through Song by the Dutch journalist, music archivist and documentary filmmaker, Michiel van Oosterhout, is a lyrical telling of Uganda’s history...

Tigrayans Speak Out in Support of Ethiopia and Prime Minister Abiy, not the TPLF

A Tigrayan speaks in support of the Ethiopian government. The Tigray People's Liberation Front, or TPLF, ruled Ethiopia brutally from 1991 to 2018 with a paper-thin...

Crisis In Ethiopia: What the Media Isn’t Telling You About the War In Tigray

The Western media has largely cheered on the TPLF and demonized the Ethiopian government and its allies, with allegations of ethnic cleansing, intentional famine and even...

Earth’s Greatest Enemy – A New Film by Abby Martin [OFFICIAL TEASER]

Abby Martin’s second feature film is an anti-imperialist environmental documentary. Join her on the journey, and help make it possible, at earthsgreatestenemy.com We urgently need donations...

Haiti Revolution, sparks for freedom

by Ustadi Kadiri, Haiti Action Committee In 1789, French Haiti – St. Domingue at the time – was receiving 40,000 enslaved Afrikans a year, the...

Refugee doctor chronicles Tigray’s pain as he treats it By CARA ANNA

HAMDAYET, Sudan (AP) — He is a surgeon and a father. Every morning, he wakes up under a plastic tarp and is reminded he’s...

The Power of Education without Exclusion: Learning from UNIFA in Haiti

Watch last Saturday's fantastic program with Haiti's former First Lady Mildred Aristide speaking about UNIFA with the Mt. View School District https://youtu.be/oGRFizDNxFo  

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