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The Power of Education without Exclusion: Learning from UNIFA in Haiti

Watch last Saturday's fantastic program with Haiti's former First Lady Mildred Aristide speaking about UNIFA with the Mt. View School District https://youtu.be/oGRFizDNxFo  

Two S.Sudanese journalists scoop international awards

Author: Yar Ajak/Woja Emmanuel Journalists Waakhe Simon Wudu (left) and David Mono Danga (right). Two South Sudanese journalists have scooped separate international awards this week. David Mono...

The Empires of Gates- Interview with Vandana Shiva, Ph.D.

In this interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola, Vandana Shiva says, “… if In the next decade, if we don’t protect what has to be...

Who is Mahamat Deby, Chad’s new leader?

The youthful general Mahamat Idriss Deby, who stood watch over his father as head of the presidential guard, wore trademark dark glasses that hid...

On 10th Anniversary of the U.S.-NATO Attack on Libya: Powerful Perpetrators Have Yet To Face Justice

Three Powerful American Women—Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power and Susan Rice—Pushed Obama into Destroying the Wealthiest, Healthiest and Happiest Nation in Africa

Laughter is an everyday form of resistance – Spire

June 2017. The death of Carol Atuhairwe, the smiling lady whose story of battling throat cancer moved the country. The public fundraised for her...

U.S. Government Turns Somalia Into Failed State to Steal Its Oil for Shell and Exxon-Mobil

“United States foreign policy in Somalia has always sided with the wrong side.” That’s how Mohamed Haji Ingiriis, a young Somali historian studying for...

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