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#BringBackOurGirls: Beyond the Hash Tags By Louise Uwacu

Human rights#BringBackOurGirls: Beyond the Hash Tags By Louise Uwacu

Several protests have been held, calling for the kidnapped Nigerian school girls to be releasedWho wouldn’t want to save some kidnapped girls from some terrifying terrorists? NO one sane! So of course America wants to save the abducted girls of Nigeria. But… here comes the BUT; But… What will be the cost versus what will be the gain in saving these particular girls?

Let’s get cold a little bit, the gain may be obvious, mighty America can indeed save who ever it chooses to save on this planet. But there is a “hidden” cost to wanting to be the Hero, the Superman, and the Savior of the world.

Have you noticed lately, how in the past few years, Africans have killed each other more than ever? It’s like we want to populate heaven with only Africans. We die like dying is what we do best. We die like death is the new life!

So what do you, America and the rest of the “free” world that gets IN on our wars, what do you think is going to happen to your sons and daughters, or your satellites and drones that you are sending into this war and the many more wars to be born out of this one #BringBackOurGirls operation? A new life? Or a new record in death?

If you think you have NOT died enough in Vietnam, welcome to Nigeria! If you think you are not dying enough in Iraq, Afghanistan and so on… Welcome to Nigeria. I dare to predict that in Africa, you will die like you have never died before.

You are NOT so ready for this war. You think you have the latest high technology and the best fighting methods, and YES of course you do! But remember how they told us that you should never bring a knife to a gunfight? Well, I am advising you right now that you should think again and again before you take guns, drones, satellites and hash tags to a spiritual fight!

My dear family, my neighbors, my fellow Americans; I love you enough to tell you the kind of cold truth that is not currently being massively broadcast to you. And I also seriously “hope” that I am wrong. But then again remember what happened the last time we believed in hope and change and peace from a candidate named Obama? What happened with that?

So I say we leave hope alone for a change, and we do our homework of facing reality. Not reality Television, but reality beyond beliefs and hash tags. And that reality says that America is crumbling at home, why not save it’s own children’s future first? Does the American government now love the Nigerian people more than it loves the American people or what?

And in case some of you may not know; Nigeria is sooo rich. Nigeria now has the biggest population in Africa. Nigeria is projected to become Africa’s number one economy ahead of South Africa. So why is this giant rich baby still crying for your help? Only to come back tomorrow and blame the whole world, and of course blame America, for the more deteriorating situations it will soon have to face.

And this brings me to the conclusion that Beyond the #BringBackOurGirls, we should start with a #BringBackOurSanity campaign! When America is sane and safe enough at home again, it will not need to save anyone anymore. Nations out there will simply follow your model by inspiration and not by military intervention!

This has been a Tough Love letter to America, from a girl who survived war, massacres and genocide in Rwanda. Without any help whatsoever from hash tags. #Imana


By Louise UWACU. Author of <The Nightmare of a POSITIVISION> and <The WRITIVIST WAR is WRITE>. Talk Show Host and Executive Producer of U&I TALK SHOW. Based in Vancouver, Canada.

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