Published for the 40th anniversary of Guinea-Bissauan revolutionary Amilcar Cabral’s death, this book is a crucial link in the colonial liberation narrative.

The book’s 46 essayists bring some complex and interesting analysis – interlaced with Cabral’s biography and an overview of his writings – to the fore.

They examine the theories of class suicide and re-Africanisation, which are intrinsically linked to Cabral’s revolutionary consciousness.

The book’s thorough scrutiny of the impact of Cabral’s struggles and African liberation movements bring perspective to his legacy and also draw attention to black movements in the Americas, where the dialectics of culture and ideology as dissected by Cabral served as an essential tool for the unpacking of social realities.

Cabral’s global vision of struggle also touches on his fight for the emancipation of women, described as his rejection of that era’s ‘masculinist and militarist images of struggle’. ●

Book title: Claim No Easy Victories – The Legacy of Amilcar Cabral

Edited by Firoze Manji and Bill Fletcher Jr

Publisher: Daraja Press

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