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The Cradle of Humanity

What reading Georges Bataille could teach you about the birth of art—and of humanity. Why should we explore caves and excavate fossils? Why should we...

Kenyan High Court Blocks Parliamentary Authorization of Police Mission to Haiti

A High Court in Nairobi has extended its orders blocking the deployment of Kenyan police officers to Haiti. The ruling was issued on November...

Deadly Diseases Stalk Millions in War-Torn Sudan

As the war in Sudan continues into its eighth month with no ceasefire in sight, cholera stalks millions in Africa’s third-largest country. The nation’s...

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” An appeal for today’s world

by Eliane Perret, psychologist and curative educator   Living in peace is a deeply rooted desire of  all  people.  All  the  more  urgently  we are to...

Comparing How the West and China Offer Loans to Developing Countries” by John P. Ruehl.

Established Western economic institutions are facing a formidable challenge from Chinese newcomers, each side offering distinct and competitive lending strategies with far-reaching consequences for...

Fast Fashion Is Antithetical to Workers’ Rights

Don’t believe the fashion industry’s stated commitment to support a living wage for Bangladesh’s garment workers ’Tis the season for holiday shopping, and as American...

The Warsaw Ghetto and Gaza: Understanding History By Ernesto Estévez Rams

Anne Frank was in hiding from fascist terror in Amsterdam from 1942 until August 4, 1944. Her diary is perhaps the most famous diary...


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