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Analysis of Violence for Peacebuilders: Galtung’s Triangle


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A conflict analysis is a nonnegotiable first step when preparing a conflict transformation and peacebuilding intervention. Understanding violence is part and parcel of this initial assessment. Johan Galtung’s Triangle is a simple yet powerful tool to get a better understanding about the types of violence influencing the situation. This video explains how it can be used.

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This article originally appeared on Transcend Media Service (TMS) on 10 Feb 2020.

Anticopyright: Editorials and articles originated on TMS may be freely reprinted, disseminated, translated and used as background material, provided an acknowledgement and link to the source, TMS: Analysis of Violence for Peacebuilders: Galtung’s Triangle, is included. Thank you

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  1. I think Galtung should speak out more clearly that violence against children should be abolished. I came across this linkage with wars by reading the works of Austrian peace researcher Franz Jedlicka. And most likely secularization is key to peace, if you consider that religions often lead to the discrimination of women and LGBTIQ+ persons.



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