About us

Kimpa Vita Press & Publishers, established in 2011, serves as a dynamic online and offline grassroots platform dedicated to promoting awareness about the critical importance of social healing, dignity, solidarity, and peaceful coexistence. Our platform provides valuable resources to connect and engage with individuals who share a commitment to utilizing their creative talents for the betterment of our world. At the heart of our mission is the significance of establishing personal connections, fostering spiritual growth, and enhancing mental well-being.

Our websites serve as a comprehensive repository of informative articles covering a wide range of topics, including peace, environmental concerns, social issues, and developmental challenges. These articles are contributed by our international team of writers, as well as submissions from independent individuals. In addition to our role as a non for profit publishing company, we want to producing high-quality literature that delves into the realms of history, culture, and politics, aiming to enlighten, educate, and engage our audience.

We firmly believe that achieving a deeper understanding of the various factors that impact our societies, communities, and the global landscape requires active participation from everyone. Consequently, we actively encourage and motivate university departments, students, youth organizations, artists, and companies to become actively involved in these important conversations.

To facilitate impactful engagement, we organize real-time events and on-site projects, creating opportunities for more immersive learning and interaction, all with the overarching goals of promoting Peace, Solidarity, Dignity, Healing, and the Arts.

Some of our notable projects include:

Furthermore, our team includes dedicated editors and correspondents based in Congo (Kinshasa), Uganda, Zimbabwe, Ghana, India, Sierra Leone, Canada, Norway, Kenya, South Africa, Bangladesh, Belgium, Nigeria, Mexico, Argentina, England, and the USA. If you are interested in contributing articles to our platform, please feel free to contact us via email at Editors at kimpavitapress.no (for submissions) or by completing our submission form. Your contributions are invaluable in furthering our mission of fostering understanding and positive change in our world.