About us

Kimpa Vita Press & Publishers is an online and on-site media and organization platform which deals with Peace, Art, justice, solidarity and related themes. A great deal of attention is devoted to the grassroots movements, culture, and the environment and Globalization issues. Contributions are submitted from all over the world, with the emphasis on Africa. Visitors can react to all the items, participate in discussions.
Kimpa Vita Press brings together various communities/organizations invested in positive change and solidarity- Analysts, academics, policy makers, social activists, writers, poets, bloggers, artists, journalists who together produce insightful , inspiring , creative presentations and analyses.
Kimpa Vita Press & Publishers publishes beautiful, rare and affordable books, produces radio, podcasts, video casts.
The task of the editorial team is divided between the group works according to their affiliated field or themes of interest. But more contributions are made   content partners and volunteers in Africa and the Diaspora.
Kimpa Vita Press & Publishers is a non-partisan and independents media organization, it promotes and encourages through its programs the values and humanity values regardless of race, origin, religion, ethnicity or sex and stands against all forms of dehumanization and life violations.
Contact Kimpa Vita Press & Publishers by writing to editors [at] kimpavitapress.no