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About us

Kimpa Vita Press & Publishers founded in 2011, is both an online and off-site grassroot platform to raise awareness about the need for social healing, dignity, solidarity and peaceful cohabitation. Our platform offers tools to connects and network with like-minded people who are willing to showcase and use their creative skills to improve the world of today. Connections on a personal level are paramount for our work and activities for spiritual grow or mental well-being. Our websites host an extensive information article database on peace, environmental, social and development issues. We publish articles from our international team of writers and submitted articles or papers from independent individuals. As also a publishing company, we would like produce to quality literature on the history, culture, politics would enlighten, educate and engage. We believe that a deeper understanding about the various aspects that affect our societies, communities and the world at large, can be possible only when everybody is allowed to take part in the dialogues. That’s exactly why we would like to encourage and motivate university departments, students, youth organizations, artists and companies to become involved in the talk. We organized real-time events, on-site projects making learning and interacting more impactful for Peace, Solidarity, Dignity, Healing and the Art

Some of our projects:
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In addition, we have editors and correspondents who work on the site from Congo (Kinshasa), Uganda, Zimbabwe, Ghana, India, Sierra-leone, Canada, Norway, Kenya, South Africa, Bangladesh, Belgium, Nigeria, Mexico, Argentina, England and USA. If you would like to contribute to the articles on the site, mail us at Editors at kimpavitapress.no (only for submissions) or fill up the submission form.