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A message to young Congolese….

Action alertsA message to young Congolese....


A message to young Congolese….

There may have been days when you felt that there was not much you can do to change the situation back home (and for those on the ground, right where you are). There may have also been time where you wanted to do something and did not know what to do. Even so, you may have taken actions and felt that it did not matter… You probably asked yourself is our country cursed?

If you fall in any of these categories, I highly suggest you apply to the Institut Kimpa Vita 2014 Leadership Retreat to take place from July 21 through 26 in the Boston area.

Why should you apply?
1. You will learn about the history of the Congo from some of the most prominent Congolese scholars.
2. You will engage in workshops to enhance your organizing skills with not only Congolese activists, but also other Africans who have worked in transforming their countries over the years.
3. You will get to write and most importantly learn about why we must rewrite our story.
4. You will meet and engage with other young Congolese who are active in transforming the Congo inside and outside our beloved land.
5. This year, you will get to learn about Kimpa Vita from one of the most reknowned Congolese scholar who participated in the Luanda 2008 Conference on MBanza Kongo and Kimpa Vita.
6. Lastly, you will leave the retreat with tools to transform not just the Congo but also the community you live in.

Have you applied? Deadline to apply is May 31, 2014 at 1159 pm. Last year, we had youth leaders from the UK, Canada and other parts of the United States come to participate in the retreat. Join us this year… and take control of the future of our homeland.

Review the Application Process thoroughly herehttp://institutkimpavita.org/application-process/

Fill out the application here http://institutkimpavita.org/apply/

Learn more about the institute at Visit http://www.institutkimpavita.org/

We look forward to all of you applying to this amazing program.

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