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Key highlights from first Africa climate summit held in Kenya

Some African campaigners have opposed the summit’s approach to climate financeWritten byZita ZageRead this post in Malagasy, বাংলা, PortuguêsScreenshot from YouTube video,‘ African Climate Summit 2023: Opening...

Libya Climate Crisis Linked to Pentagon-NATO Intervention of 2011

  Western foreign policy has destroyed the capacity of Libya and the Kingdom of Morocco to coordinate relief efforts amid the worsening effects of climate...

Beyond Climate Colonialism and Food Imperialism to Earth Democracy and Food Freedom

  Prof. Vandana Shiva | Navdanya International – TRANSCEND Media Service 6 Sep 2023 1. Mother Earth is a sacred, self organized living being. She creates and sustains...

Declaration of the Summit of Heads of State of the G77 and China

Havana, Cuba September 15 and 16, 2023photo: Abel Padrón PadillaThe summit held in Havana was attended by more than 1,300 participants from 116 countries...

PASHA workshop in Kampala Empowers Refugees Through Art expressions

  Kampala, Uganda - In a remarkable gathering on Saturday, August 12, 2023, the PASHA - the Refugees Storytelling and Poetry Club, hosted a transformative...

Africa Climate Summit Issues Nairobi Declaration

  Tags: Africa, Africa Climate Summit 2023, Climate Change, Environment, Global warming, Solutions Africa Climate Summit 2023: Driving Green Growth & Climate Finance Solutions for Africa and the World   7 Sep 2023 – Despite...

Colombia, From the Guerrilla to the Ballot Box

A conversation with Pastor Alape, former guerrilla mayoral candidate for the Comunes Party.By Taroa Zúñiga Silva and Laura Devia LópezOn May 4, 2023, during...


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