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Monthly Archives: January, 2018


Good People – Race Consciousness Evolution By By Martha R. Bireda

Ruby Bridges “Good white folks” was a term used by African Americans in...

“Shithole” Countries? The Media’s Portrayal of Africa Reconsidered BY VIRGIL HAWKINS

It’s time to take a hard look at the role of the news media in creating and perpetuating a horribly simplistic and stereotypical portrayal...

“We Still Have a Choice Today: Nonviolent Coexistence or Violent Coannihilation” — MLK BY Marilyn Langlois

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s prophetic words, uttered April 4, 1967, continue to haunt and challenge us.   The wisdom, commitment to humanity, and...

Ethiopian Oromo refugees face bribes, harassment in Kenya BY Charlie Ensor/IRIN

Ethiopian Oromo refugees fleeing to Kenya to escape persecution say they are finding life on the streets of Nairobi no better than the insecurity...

What Western Imperialism Is Up to Now in Zimbabwe

“The capitalist agenda is to neo-colonize Zimbabwe and appropriate its labor and land.” When the press and media of the so-called Western world...

Concentration Camps for African Migrants Blocked from Entering Europe Are Popping Up Across Libya By Vijay Prashad on December 29, 2017

Photo: Alliance/AA H. Turkia Refugees do not show up in the Mediterranean Sea as if from nowhere. By the time they get into their flimsy...


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