From Myeti To Haiti – Notes From A Solidarity Visit By Wole Soyinka

Re-building Trust”? That requires frankness. Absolute, even unpalatable frankness but – constructive. It requires self-examination, an unflinching look in the mirror – both individually and collectively. No self-deception. No palliatives. No distractions. In this nation especially, realistically recognized as divided, a nation where hypocrites abound, where spurious, ever recurrent opportunist Messiahs browbeat the gullible and…

Another reason why imperialism wanted Libya overthrown

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy detained for questioning over Gaddafi loan, reminding us of another reason imperialism wanted the Libyan leader assassinated.  Seven years ago this month, beginning on 19 March 2011, the United States Pentagon and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) began a massive bombing campaign against the North African state of Libya….